Sighted Elves


Each year, before Christmas, the SWF Council for the Blind looks for volunteers to be “sighted elves” for their members who want to do their Christmas shopping but have difficulty because of vision loss. Our members have volunteered for the last three years and find this one of the more rewarding of our activities.

Years 2016 and 2017 found us accompanying vision-impaired persons going from store to store at Miromar Outlets. After about 3 hours of shopping, everyone gathers for lunch at Ford’s garage. In 2017, Dixi Lee, daughter of Lion Frank Lee joined us and said it was a memorable experience for her.

A lot of shopping got done and a bunch of Lions got to enjoy doing what Lions do – We Serve!

In 2018 we were at Gulf Coast Town Center.

Joining us this year were new members, Armand and Denise LaFleur. They, like the rest of the Lions, had a great time.

After the shopping, we all sat down to enjoy the wonderful burgers at Red Robin.

The shoppers with vision loss told us they really liked having us around to help them find those special Christmas gifts.