Our Members

New Lion Carol Kenna being inducted by Lion PDG Bill Moulton - Welcome Lion Carol! Lion Carol was sponsored by Lion Frank Lee

Rich Anderson

James Brown PDG

Karen Edgin (Associate Member)

Tim Gallagher PDG

Merlyn Griffith

Mary Ann Grignon

Will Grignon (Secretary)

James Hagan

Jerilyn Higgins

Clarence Hilbert (Associate)

Carol Kenna

Armand LaFleur PDG PCC

Denise LaFleur

Paul Lewis (President)

Rogene Maher

Randy Melind

Nancy Montange

Ron Montange

Bill Moulton PDG (Vision Services)

Judy Moulton

Ed Secor (Treasurer)

Henry Stewart (Associate Member)

New Lion Rogene Mahr being inducted at our Christmas party by Lion PDG Bill Moulton while her proud sponsor Lion Ed Secor looks on.

We are the Cape Coral Lions Club -

making a difference in our community!

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Cape Coral Lions Club