Immokalee Diabetes Screening

Together with members of other area Lions Clubs, we provided the diabetes screening for members of the Immokalee community on Sunday, April 7, 2019. Additionally, they were screened for vision and hearing issues. Lions Bill and Judy Moulton and Frank Lee represented the Cape Coral Lions Club. While we enjoyed doing what we did, we were also saddened by the number of people we had to refer for additional medical treatment.

April 7 2019 Screening-7.jpg
April 7 2019 Screening-2.jpg
April 7 2019 Screening-5.jpg
April 7 2019 Screening.jpg
April 7 2019 Screening-4.jpg
April 7 2019 Screening-8.jpg
April 7 2019 Screening-6.jpg
April 7 2019 Screening-9.jpg