outreach center Diabetes Screening

March 27, 2019. Lions from Cape Coral, Naples and Bonita got together to do screening at the St Martin de Porres Catholic Community Outreach Ministries in Fort Myers. Working in limited space, we were still able to reach a number of people in need.


Doctor Freedman, a take-charge leader, provided on-site medical advice. Lion Joe Jackson led the team. The special Lions Vision van rolled in complete with equipment and supplies.


A total of 15 children and 37 adults got vision and hearing screening resulting in 21 referrals for further vision consultations and 19 for hearing. Twenty people received glasses and 19 people were referred to the Florida Lions Eye Clinic. Glenn and Jackie Chenot from Cape Coral assisted with vision screening.


The Cape Coral Lions together with Lion Rosemary handled diabetes screening. We screened 5 children and 32 adults and, sadly, had to refer 2 children and 6 adults for further medical attention.


Screening was done late afternoon. One of the questions we had to ask each person being screened was, “when last did you eat?” It was heartbreaking to hear some answers. Some said ‘this morning' and many said ‘yesterday’.


In all, 22 Lion screeners took part. We were particularly delighted to see so many young volunteers on the team.


While we screened, people came to have a meal that was provided by the center. Our diabetes team set up right across from the dining area. Two people served the meals, a lady and a gentleman. We were heartened by how the two servers treated each person with dignity and attended them with genuine humility. There must be a special place in heaven for people like them.

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